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Hearts Afire Weekend in Loveland

This coming February, Loveland is celebrating Valentine’s Day together as one community. During this event, people all across Loveland will be joining together to enjoy the holiday of love and appreciation. This Valentine’s Day, even against the cold and stress of the new year, Loveland will be finding joy within its own people and businesses.

Get ready for an extravagant event because similarly to Christmas in Loveland, our town frequently bands together in an effort to experience Valentine’s Day in a special and memorable manner. This year, our town is going to make this lovely season warmer than ever this year with its 3rd annual festival taking place from February 9th-11th, 2024. This is a wonderful opportunity to show love to your significant other, your family, and even your pets!

The event will include ice, fire, live entertainment, and more! Inspired by the holiday itself, Loveland is decorating the Downtown area with love-related displays and plenty of hearts! Hearts Afire Weekend gets its name because the fire presentations are always magnificent, hence the hearts being “afire.” Hopefully, this mix of excitement and sweetness gives the community the most magical experience.

In particular, Loveland will be showcasing an ice sculpture tour. This tour will allow people of all ages to walk around and view different ice sculptures made from several different artists. Loveland is even making this exciting opportunity for the artists a voting poll - you can vote on social media for your favorite sculpture by taking a picture and uploading it with #LovelandHeartsAfire.

Alongside the incredible ice sculptures, Loveland will also be promoting some local stores and businesses at this event. Under tents found in the event, different shops and advertisers will be set up, such as Ace Hardware, Lemons & Limes Boutique, & the Railway Barber Shop.

Not only are these businesses selling and promoting their products, but they also are providing fun for the citizens of Loveland. Some of the booths will have drinks, chocolate, meals, and crafts! In particular, the Loveland Art House II will be holding auctions for several paintings. These set ups allow you to walk around and enjoy yourself while also supporting the local community and becoming more acquainted with businesses.

Some more specific events occurring over these days will include the Galentine Night (a fun get-together for friends to appreciate each other), the variety show, line dancing lessons, love song sing-alongs, a Disney’s Frozen meet-and-greet, a puppy kissing booth, a scavenger hunt, and even Taylor Swift-themed friendship bracelet making.

Make sure to RSVP on Loveland’s website for the pottery painting, dance lessons, love spell making, traditional painting, speed dating and variety show! All of these events will be spread around Downtown during this fun festival.

Also, remember to bring your money and have fun! Parking is available throughout the downtown area, but more information can be found on the website posted above.

Stay safe during this cold, but exciting time of the year! Make sure to have fun and show your love for those you care about! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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