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Getting Involved: Envirothon

Do you enjoy hiking and spending time in nature? Are you interested in environmental science and conservation? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Envirothon may be right for you!

Envirothon is an academic competition focused on five environmental science categories: forestry, soils, wildlife, aquatics, and a current environmental issue that changes yearly. At competitions, each topic has its own station where teams fill out a twenty-five-question test on each topic. These tests always include hands-on opportunities to interact with the materials being studied, with forestry including identifying trees, wildlife including working with animal pelts and products, and soils including entering a pit in the ground to identify soil content. As well as being able to work in the field, students are also given the opportunity to work with experts in the field of environmental science, giving students interested in environmental science an excellent opportunity to explore potential future jobs.

The Loveland Enivrothon team at the state championship. The team advanced here in only their second year in existence

Sophia Choi (11), a third-year member of Envirothon, told The Loveland Roar that her “favorite part of Envirothon is competing. The competition itself is the most rewarding and exciting part of the club.” Her favorite memory from Envirothon was attending “the state competition. As a team, we all bonded a lot and gained helpful information for next year.”

The club meets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays before school at 7:10 AM. If you’d like to get involved, talk to Mrs. Nkhata or email her at If you’re planning to pursue a career in environmental science or just enjoy spending time outdoors, make sure to check out Envirothon!

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