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Getting Involved: Chess Club

Chess, the game thought by many to be, “the smart people game.” While being invented all the way back in the 6th century, Chess has stuck around in our society for a long while now. Being a super accessible game for all ages and all skill levels has led to its ability to be playable in any situation, anywhere: against an online robot or just a fellow person. Bored at home? Play a game of chess. Waiting for someone to show up? Play a game of chess. Or stuck waiting after school? Yep, you can play a game of chess.

Held every Tuesday after school in room 97, Chess Club exists for Loveland students to scratch any chess-related itches they may have. Although the idea of entering a room full of fellow students who are already well acquainted with chess may intimidate some would-be members, Chess Club President Sohani Gauniyal (11) assures any hesitant newcomers that, “it’s very easy to pick up at any point and just start playing against anyone, even if you will probably get completely destroyed in a match right off the bat.” Even if other concerns crop up in the way of joining Chess Club, Gauniyal also stated that, “it’s very low commitment and you can just show up when you feel like it.”

All in all, if you need a fun after-school activity to keep your brain pumping even after all of your classes, Chess Club is a great way to get involved!

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