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Do Matchomatics Really Work?

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It is the time of year for Valentine's Day, which means it is time for Matchomatics at Loveland High School. Matchomatics is a school fundraiser that allows all students to fill out a survey on their preferences in a significant other and matches them with someone else in the school.

Questions range from “What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?” to “How tall would you prefer your significant other to be?” Some take this fundraiser very seriously by putting much thought into their answers. Some barely pay any attention to the questions. Either way you fill it out, it is a fun activity to participate in during this season. The real question is: does this survey really help you find your soulmate?

After everyone in the school takes the survey, the comparisons begin. Your answers are cross-referenced with everyone else in the school. Around Valentines Day, the results are released. Student council has them available for $3 during lunch to raise money for different school events. When you get your results back, it gives you a percentage of the likelihood that you are compatible with your top 22 people. It sorts them into male and female matches in your grade, but it also gives you the top matches that are not in your grade. Students get excited every year to see the results of who they matched best with.

The percentages are only based on answers provided in the survey, which some think is not as accurate. Sara Bebout (11) doesn’t think they are accurate enough to find your soulmate. “I think Matchomatics is super fun,” Bebout says. “Everyone loves getting the results and seeing who they match with but I don’t think it works,” Although Bebout doesn't think this survey is accurate in matching people, she says that she will continue to buy the results to see who she matches with for the fun of it.

It is hard to believe that your match can be found through a couple of questions in a survey and even though the algorithm is not statistically proven to start relationships, it is a great way to spark a conversation between you and another person on your list. The survey looks for compatibility based on your interests, which can be a great way to find a new significant other or just a new friend. The real relationships that have been started from this survey are few and far between, but there is always hope that you could be one of them.

Although this Matchomatics survey may not be the most accurate in finding a soulmate, it is still a fun way to support Loveland Student Council. Students love the anticipation of the possibility of finding a significant other at Loveland High School. The Matchomatics results will be available at lunch for purchase. Make sure to purchase yours and see who you are most compatible with!

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