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“Christmas in Loveland” To Take Place On December 17th

Ah, December: a time full of celebration and holiday cheer. One of the biggest celebrations that occurs around this time of year is the aptly named “Christmas in Loveland” celebration. On December 17th, people in Loveland can expect a lively celebration, thanks to the hard work of the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance (LMRCA).

This annual event started in 1987, supposedly when women at Grailville disapproved of the capitalism surrounding the Christmas season and wanted to shake things up a little and put some of the “Christ” back into Christmas. According to the artist that designed the original posters for “Christmas in Loveland,” Deirdre Dyson, the intent of starting the event was to encourage people to celebrate Christmas itself, as opposed to just celebrating Christmas shopping (Loveland Magazine).

LMRCA has organized this event since 2013 when the position was handed to them by former Loveland resident Martin Schickel, who had begun hosting it a few years after it had started. Interestingly, Schickel was also one of the founders of what is now The Amazing Charity Race and previously served as the president of the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce.

LMRCA is an organization devoted to the civic and economic development of the Loveland, Miami, and Symmes Townships of Southwest Ohio. Since it began in 1969, LMRCA has grown from its initial 38 members to the approximately 300 members it boasts today.

Past years have had a variety of exciting events, including stage productions, elf workshops, handmaking ornaments, and so much more. The event this year looks like it will have many of the same things it’s had in past years, as well as many new things to look forward to.

This year, all in Loveland can look forward to an exciting event, containing many exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy. This includes everything from riding in trains and horse-drawn carriages to holiday beverages and complimentary tastings. The event will take place rain, snow, or shine in Historic Downtown Loveland from 4-8 PM on Saturday, December 17th, and is free for all (thanks to sponsors of LMRCA).

On top of the train and carriage rides that were previously mentioned, guests will be able to ride in a holiday trolley free of charge. It is worth noting however, that a back portion of Railroad Avenue will be closed to allow space for the horse-drawn carriage rides during the event, and that these carriage rides will cost $2 per person. There will be a shuttle bus transporting people from Shopper’s Haven to Downtown Loveland at 4:30 PM, giving them a chance to drink in the holiday sights.

Like in years past, many events and business specials will take place throughout the 4-hour period, and maps will be available both by the clock tower and inside many of the local businesses. Christmas entertainment will be located both in numerous businesses throughout the area and also in the center of town next to the live nativity scene (a recreation of when Jesus was born).

“This is the time of year that Loveland Businesses give back to the community. This complimentary event is Loveland's way of saying ‘Thank you for your Business!!’” - LMRCA Website

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