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Cat Shelter Needs Volunteers!

Do you need volunteer hours for graduate credits? Perhaps you love animals, or maybe you want to help the community. Whatever your reasons may be, His Eye Is On the Sparrow can be the perfect opportunity to “get involved!” This business is run locally at a house refurbished to board kittens, cats, and occasionally dogs. This organization is run completely by volunteers, donations, and a fun time!

You may be asking, what are the requirements? There are none! To get started it’s simple - after contacting the owners by phone or email to see available times or information needed to volunteer; +1 (513) 227-8414,; you can finally meet the cats! You can volunteer as an adult or as a kid.

Volunteering itself is pretty simple. All you have to do is switch out the cats' water/food dishes, give the animals attention, and try to attend to specific needs written on notes on

their individual cages. There are kittens, social cats, shy cats, sassy, and silly cats! The experience itself is magical as you get to meet so many different animals and better understand their individual needs, alongside the ways in which cats work and communicate.

On Monday, August 28, 2023, I volunteered at this shelter myself. By far, my favorite part about the experience was meeting all the cats! There were around 30-40 cats, some being kittens of course, all housed in sizable cages. As volunteers we had the opportunity to take the cats out of the cages individually, pet and brush them, and even hold them (at the cats’ wills).

I found the shelter to be incredibly ethical by enforcing significance in taking care of all the cats. This community is non-profit meaning that it does not make money and rather is seen more as a charity for animals. The animals in the shelter are typically rescues- for instance I met one that was from Home Depot. He didn’t have a name, was terrified of being touched, and seemed to be somewhat feral, but he seemed to feel incredibly safe in this environment. He didn’t mind the workers or the other cats- something uncommon for traumatized animals.

At His Eye Is On the Sparrow, they follow the slogan: “not one animal is forgotten in God’s sight.” This means that all of the animals are equal and are given the same amount of love, but unfortunately there are only so many volunteers, yet endless cats/animals who need assistance. That’s why this community is looking for your help.

In this humble home for these cats, they are given love, attention, and care. Some of the cats were even given special diets, treatment, or enclosures to suit their lifestyles, alongside being given mandatory vet checks including vaccinations, parasite control, micro-chipping, and more.

With so many animals and so little time, money, and human hands, the shelter needs more assistance. So, what can you do besides volunteering? One option would be to donate- this shelter is looking for supplies such as bowls, litter, food, dishwashing soap, and cleaning supplies. Alongside items, this shelter is looking for money donations- you can find more information at!

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