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Bronny James and the NCAA

Bronny James, basketball prodigy of his father LeBron James, has been recently brought up in the press across the country. Scouts have been watching James since his middle school AAU days and with the recent success of his high school career he has contributed to his school being ranked 9th in the nation for men’s basketball. With his graduation around the corner, Division 1 college basketball programs are fighting over the alleged “New LeBron.”

Recently, James posted pictures in an Ohio State uniform, exciting Buckeyes everywhere. While no commitment has been made, hopes are high for head coach Chris Holtmann because of James’ family roots deep within Ohio. When James was nine years old, then-Ohio State coach Thad Matta joked that he needed to offer him a scholarship. On a more serious note, LeBron James has previously stated that if he did attend college he would have selected Ohio State, so fans are hopeful that Bronny will fulfill his father’s NCAA ambitions. Both Bronny and LeBron James were born in Ohio and with his father’s success with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it wouldn’t be surprising for Bronny to let this influence his college decision.

The James family is widely-known and loved by NBA fans worldwide. With this in mind, it would definitely boost Ohio State’s watchcount for college games, help fill the stands, and sell more merchandise with Bronny James as the face of the franchise. Furthermore, James has over 7 offers from different elite colleges, meaning his commitment will be livestreamed on television, amassing millions of viewers across the globe. The sheer amount of press this single decision will come with will make Ohio State alumni and faculty intoxicated with monetary opportunity.

The question most people ask, though, is if Bronny James is worth all of the hype. Sure, he’s the son of global NBA legend LeBron James, but is he more than just his father’s legacy and the luxuries that come with it? His stats prove he is. James averaged 13 points per game as a junior and led his team in assists (5.4), steals (2.1), and rebounds (6). James also has an impressive 42 inch vertical and is projected to grow to almost 6 foot 8, four inches taller than he is now. This fact has fans anticipating extraordinary dunks from James, maybe even some reaching the caliber of his father’s memorable stunts. James is a combo guard, meaning he can play both the shooting and point guard positions, making him a dependable player in any scenario on the court. He is a four-star prospect and the number 45 ranked player in the recruiting class of 2023. He’s known for being a leader on the court and has the ability to make quick judgment calls when needed. James has been said to have “Le Genetics” which is a term fans created to describe the qualities that make LeBron incredible: his height, determination, and skill. At only 17 years old, Bronny James has the entire nation watching him and awaiting his college decision, generating revenue and morale for both Ohio State as well as the NCAA as a whole with the future addition of the hopeful successor of LeBron James.

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Sep 16, 2022

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