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Join The Roar!

Do you enjoy writing, school spirit, or current events?  If so, consider becoming a writer for The Roar!

Writing for The Roar is both a great way to develop your writing skills and have a lot of fun.  Students can write about nearly any topic that interests them; with topics ranging from school sports to theater to local politics, there’s always something to write about.  This writing allows students to hone their writing skills by working with a team of peer editors and a dedicated teacher focused on improving their writing abilities.  Writers can interview important people, break major news, and entertain the community with fun articles, all through writing for The Roar.  Writers for The Roar can even attend school events, including sporting events, for free to write summary stories.  Once an article is completed, it’s published on The Roar’s website and social media, and it may be featured in a physical issue of The Roar, giving writers the opportunity to have their writing read by students, faculty, and interested members of the community.

Each Friday, students bring in cookies for Cookie Friday, and upon the completion of a printed edition, students have a pizza party, creating a fun and rewarding work environment for students.

Journalism provides a flexible environment for students to explore their interests in a variety of mediums.  Recently, writers have worked with Varsity Photo, Digital Media Productions, and LHSNN to present stories.  Students have also met with the staff of The News Record, the University of Cincinnati’s student newspaper, to learn more about studying and pursuing a career in journalism.  If students have an interest in photography, marketing, or any other journalism-related field, working for The Roar can be an opportunity to further explore these fields and apply their learning, especially if students aspire to pursue a career in journalism after high school.

In class, students often have lively discussions with their peers regarding school culture, current events, athletics, and more pertinent topics, showcasing the lively and interesting learning environment of working for The Roar.

There is rarely required work outside of class unless a writer chooses to do so by attending events or interviewing people of interest in ways that cannot be completed in class.  Students have the opportunity to get a lot out of Journalism through their work inside and outside of the classroom.  Students can use the Journalism class to deeply involve themselves in the Loveland High School community by participating in school events (with certain special privileges) if they wish, or students can use Journalism as a low-key way to casually write for fun with their peers.  If students wish, they can pursue the leadership role of editor, or even Editor-in-Chief, allowing them to further involve themselves in both Journalism and their community more broadly.  Regardless of why a student chooses to take Journalism, working for The Roar will improve both their writing skills and their resumés.

If you are interested in joining Journalism and becoming a staff member of The Loveland Roar, please talk to Mr. Hutzel in room 110 or your school counselor.

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