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Getting Involved: LHS Golf Club

The LHS Golf Club is approaching its second year as a club and already a much bigger and better overall experience is expected for its members with the new school year. Austin Smith (12) is the president of the club and recognizes the many benefits of his club for busy individuals like himself.

“For me and all the other [leaders], it’s a step away from the uber-competitive sports we play,” Smith said. “It’s a relaxing hobby and a nice way to unwind after a busy day of school.”

LHS has had a golf team for many years, but there is one factor that separates the golf club from the golf team completely.

“We’re not focused on the competition aspect,” Smith said. “It’s more of learning how to play and enjoy the very casual [nature of the] sport.”

The club hasn’t had any outings yet this year, but Smith plans on starting them up within the next couple of weeks. Last year, some outings for the club reached up to around 25 people, according to Smith. Considering the intricacies that have gone into these outings, Smith is confident that this year will bring more eager golfers to his club.

“[The club] is going to be very similar [to last year], but there will probably be more people showing up to each outing,” Smith said.

In light of the expected growth of his club Smith plans on expanding the venues as well. The golf club will expect to take trips to the same ones as last year, Hickory Woods and Little Miami Golf Course, as well as some new ones, such as Sharon Woods and Blue Ash Golf Course.

Smith also understands the expenses of these outings on the budget of high schoolers, but he has solutions to help with that.

“We often have discounts associated with the club, which makes the outings cheaper,” Smith said. Specifics about these discounts will depend on the course.

If you are interested in joining the club, Smith says that there will be QR codes on the golf club posters, which will be put up around LHS soon, or you can contact him at

Whether you consistently drive 300 yards or have never even picked up a putter in your life, the LHS golf club welcomes anyone and everyone to join them at the many golf courses around Cincinnati for an afternoon of casual golf and good times.

“Join Golf Club,” Smith says.

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